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Sickness and healing are in every heart, death and deliverance in every hand
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May 2006
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Draculesti [userpic]

Ok, so due to being sick of trying to remember to make every entry friends-only, I'm gonna make my journal public again. Well, aside from the super angsty ones.

It's just gonna be awhile.

This entry's public.

3 more hours in the car tonight baat whaaat ever.

Apparently I'm very bad at cutting pineapple. But really, does that surprise anyone much?

Pineapple hates me so I chopped up the body.

Tennis balls covered in dog spit are gross. Especailly when the dog comes to you to throw it and you kinda stare at it and the dog's all like, "Throw the ball! Come ON! Throw it! Throwwwww iiiiiit! Ooh look, shiny! THROW IT! *snortey sound* Throw it! If you're not gonna throw it give it back to me! Wait it's on the ground...good human, grab it, grab it, grab it, YES!!!! Ok, now throw it, throw it, throw it, THROW IT!!! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!I!!!!!one!!!!!!!111!"

Hey if you turn dog around you get Erin!

Sorry. That was my major event of the morning. Aside from being woken up at 815 again. It's the WEEKEND. I want to SLEEP IN. I got no sleep during the week. Yesterday I got woken up at 815 by my cousins who chucked the youngest of them (there are 3 of them, all girls, 13, 10 and 7) on top of me, who landed on my leg which started to cramp. Losing sleep ON THE WEEKEND gives me the disgruntledness of someone who needs sleep and is woken up at 815 both days of the weekend.

I am done with teh ranting about little things.

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